Making the Brand: Top Customers Be On the Look Out For Rewards Program

June 23, 2021


With the success of the Juneteenth Collection Launch we're now faced with the challenge of maintaining the momentum. 

Sharod sat down with the team to formulate some post collection strategy which may include the implementation of a rewards program. For those who may not be familiar with what they are or what they may entail here's a small breakdown.

A rewards program can simply be thought of as a means to reward returning and active customers. They often include completing small task such as getting connected with the brand's social platforms, referrals, and purchasing products at a certain level or volume. 

By completing various tasks the costumer accumulates points that can then be used similarly to store credit or currency. These programs are often tiered and so are the rewards, varying between amazing discounts, free products, and much more.

Learn more about what we have in store for our customers next in this video below!


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