Flexing for Jesus?: Check out this Instagram Page Dedicated to the Expensive Drip of Megachurch Pastors

June 22, 2021

Have you ever noticed a pastor who was impeccably dressed from head to toe in luxurious finery and wondered exactly how much they spent on their flexed up fit?

Well a Dallas man, Ben Kirby, took to Instagram and created the @PreachersNSneakers page dedicated to pointing out and price tagging that very thing. Within a month Kirby's platform grew and he quickly reached 100,000 followers and now sits at 286k Instagram followers. 



Kirby describes the process on how he got started with his platform saying,“At the beginning, it was easy for me to make jokes about it,” he said. “Some of the outfits are absurd, so it’s easy to laugh at some of the designer pieces. The price tags are outlandish.”

Peep the price tags and commentary on some of the most recent outlandish pieces Kirby has posted. The culprits in question include some of the most famed religious figures and preachers including Pastor Steven Furtick, Dr. Mike Freddie, Bishop Jakes, and Pastor Mike Todd.









He goes on to question the very pertinent question that many that grace the pulpits of these churches & mega churches. Kirby states, “I began asking, how much is too much?” Kirby said. “Is it okay to get rich off of preaching about Jesus? Is it okay to be making twice as much as the median income of your congregation?”

Now, Kirby hopes to tackle some difficult questions in his book, PreachersNSneakers: Authenticity in an Age of For-Profit Faith and (Wannabe) Celebrities.These questions include: 

  • Should pastors grow wealthy off of religion, and why do we get so angry when they do?

  • Is it okay to stoke envy among others with curated “lifestyle” images on social media?

  • Do we really believe that divine blessings are monetary, or is that just religious wallpaper to hide our own greed?

Kirby brings many curious questions to light? Is there such a thing as too much for one possess? And if so what ought be done about it? More acts of charity? Distribution of the wealth? 

We would love to hear your thoughts on the matter! What’s the most outlandish & expensive fit you’ve seen the pastor or his wife in? Comment down below! 

Also check out the PreachersNSneakers site for more outrageously expensive pastor outfits.

Written by Precious Onukwuli

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