God Is Dope Live: Alejandra & Sebastian

November 18, 2021

Enjoy the truly captivating sounds of Alejandra accompanied by Sebastian. The pair add an enchanting energy to the God Is Dope Live series with their seductive Latin R&B sound.

Check out their enthralling performance covering "Prototype" by Outkast and their otherworldly original debut single "tqm." 



Where are you originally from?

Ale: Jefferson, GA but was intimately raised alongside my family in Guadalajara, Mexico

Sebastian: Bogota, Colombia and raised in Jefferson, GA

Would you interpret your skills as a gift from God or a learned talent?

Ale: Absolutely a gift from God. My voice has been the one thing I have remained confident in and has served as the single connection to my soul and the spiritual realm. I am a deeply emotional person, and have always felt that making music as a form of self-expression and escape from the world around me was a divine gift from God. It allows me to say the things my physical body and mind could never truly say.

Sebastian: My musical skills are a learned talent put in motion by a deep seated curiosity to understand the music that I emotionally connect with, and as a consequence, an odyssey into my emotional self. However, what is a god given gift (and sometimes a pain in the ass lol) is my never ceasing itch to create and to forever seek meaning in the world through art.


What genre would you classify your music as?

Latin R&B // Global NeoSoul Our sound aims to combine the deeply soulful essence of R&B music with rhythms found in Latin music, specifically within Bolero, Mariachi, and Bossa Nova. Our intention with our sound is to represent the duality of our identity. Being raised in the rural South with Latin cultural roots, we were constantly interacting with two really distinct cultures, and it has truly shaped our identity and outlook on the world today. And ultimately we recognize this duality is a shared experience amongst many in this world and we want to define a genre and music that directly holds space for duality and cultural ambiguity.




How were you introduced into your love of music?

Ale: Although I was brought up on two cultures and their values, one of the things that bridged the two was the deep love of music. Music surrounded me throughout my life, and always served as a translator between my two heritages, and between myself and the world around me. In that sense, music has also served as an escape, and has been a medium where I can articulate the depth of my emotions, thoughts, and connection to my spirituality. I have fallen in love with the R&B movement in Latin America currently, and would love to collaborate with artists and producers in this space, and bring their presence to the United States. Latin R&B artists such as Nathy Peluso, Chita, and Girl Ultra would be an absolute dream to make music with. My deep love and adoration for Mexico will always remain at the forefront of our music, and would be honored to work with Mexican producers, specifically producers in the group, AQUIHAYAQUIHAY. In the same vein, I am enamored with Atlanta, and it is a place I have a deep soul connection to. I am constantly blown away by the blossoming music scene in this city, and am eager to collaborate with as many Atlanta artists and producers as possible.

Sebastian: Latin upbringing has meant having music be at the center of family life. No family or friend reunion could be without salsa, merengue, cumbia, boleros, tangos, mariachi permeating the air. Over the years, music has also become my means of exploring the many gradients of cultural expression around the globe. My ears have traveled where I haven’t. (Peep my spotify playlist “Sol Global”) Producers and artists I’d love to work with are: AQUIHAYAQUIHAY, Girl Ultra, Puma Blue, River Tiber, Julien Chang, Neon Indian, Ojerime, Jimmy Nevis, Zamajobe, Paradis, El Caribefunk, Gabriel Garzón-Montano, Combo Chimbita, Desta French, Teó.



What emotions do you hope to invoke with your music?

Mainly a sense of comfort and tranquility, challenged by deep nostalgia and melancholy that comes with moving through our lives and discovering ourselves. We hope for our music to represent a kaleidoscope of emotions that depict the human experience and duality of self. Our music evokes the nuance and complexity of having to define our own identity between two worlds that we never seemed to completely fit in. We also hope to evoke a sense of cultural liberation as we honor our roots, and celebrate the diversity of global culture we have explored and cherish.

What is your creative process like?

Our creative process revolves around our emotions and the people or circumstances that bring about them. We like to create an environment where we solely meditate and deeply connect with our mind and souls. From there, the process continues with listening to music that captures how we are feeling, and the stream of consciousness in that moment on paper. That flow turns into lyrics and guides the instrumental production, and we cycle between the two entities until we've crafted a piece that captures what was within.

What project(s) are you currently working on?

We just finished a show at Center Stage on September 28th, where we debuted some of the upcoming singles that will be rolled out later this year and early next year. We are also in the process of completing our debut EP, which will be released early 2022!


Check out the recorded version of their single, "tqm" down below. Be sure to follow them for more updates and their latest releases and song drops. Also be on the look out for our next performer. Be the first to know when we release our next session by subscribing to our YouTube channel. Comment down below if you enjoyed their performance and if you are excited for the next God Is Dope performance. 



Written by Precious Onukwuli
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