God Is Dope Live: Dri Jack

December 19, 2021
27 year old College Park native, Adrianna Jackson, commands the God Is Dope Live stage with her energetic and soulful voice cover performance of "Love Is You" by Chrisette Michele and her original song "Fumble".


Would you interpret your skills as a gift from God or a learned talent?
I would definitely describe my talent as a gift from God. I come from a family of singers and grew up singing in the church. I wouldn't be here with you all at God is Dope without my gift from God!
What genre would you classify your music as?
I would describe my sound as R&B/Soul but I got my training in Musical Theatre so I have those elements in my sound as well.


How were you introduced into your love of music?
I was introduced to music through my family. I remember singing at my dad's church or caroling at Macy's at Greenbriar Mall for the holidays. It was always something that brought us together. Looking back on those moments remind me that I was being prepared to be where I am now. Singing and sharing my love of music with you. It's a lot of artists that I would love to collaborate with but we'll start off with Monica, PJ Morton, and Nija Charles.
What emotions do you hope to invoke with your music?
In my music I hope to invoke confidence, love, passion, and tranquility because the Virgo in me is always chilling!


What is your creative process like?
My creative process is pretty simple and authentic. Usually, I'll start the session with a conversation to see where everyone's mind is, to get on one accord. Then, if we're starting from scratch, I'll listen to the track on repeat and record multiple takes with whatever melodies come to mind. Once I land on something I like, I'll start to put words to the melodies. But if the music is speaking to me, the lyrics will flow right out.
What project(s) are you currently working on?
I recently released my latest single, Fumble. I just sold out my first headlining show at Masquerade this past August and I will be announcing my next show soon. I am currently working on new music and new visuals! You can find all of my music on whichever platform you use most as well as all of my music videos on Youtube.


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