The Importance of Creating a Legacy: A Conversation with Sharod

June 23, 2021

Although both Father's Day and Juneteenth have come & gone it is still important to highlight the true meaning behind both holidays, why we celebrate them, and how in conjunction they play a pivotal role in the growth & future of the African American community. 

Many of our enslaved predecessors were denied the ability to leave legacies behind. Our ancestors were stripped of everything they owned and not granted the same humanistic rights of ownership, or the ability of passing said ownership on to their offspring. 

Now, in our very first "Ask Sharod" episode, Sharod Simpson highlights the importance of creating and laying down the foundations today for the legacies of tomorrow.

He states, "For generations, at least in my family and I know in a lot of black families everybody had to start over. And for my son I don't want him to have to start over."  

The ability to create and pass on generational wealth within our community has been completely stunted and is only now reemerging as the men and women within our community can now slowly but surely lay claim and hold onto some semblance of wealth. 

As a community, we are now able to set aside finances, property, companies, stocks, and various assets for all who come after us as well as legacies that will stand the test of time.


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