Scaling Your Business: Issues That Arise As Your Business Grows

June 28, 2021

Whether it's issues with inventory, order fulfillment, shipping delays, and the many hang ups of running and scaling a growing business our mission at God Is Dope is the delivering our product to our customers and ensuring the utmost satisfaction.

Torey explains a new system we're implementing to help prevent duplicate and missing orders. He and Sharod discuss the possible benefits and worries surrounding this new system.


With utilizing so many systems such as Shopify to intake orders, SPS Commerce to print up to 100 plus orders at a time to an in-house fulfillment process, and lastly dealing with the post office there's plenty of room for error within our fulfillment process. Take an inside look at our process and some of the mishaps we troubleshoot for our business and customers on a day to day.


Written by Precious Onukwuli 

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