If God Wanted You To Be Snatched You Would Be: BBL Culture Gone Rampant

June 25, 2021

Twitter is up in arms after a video of nearly 30 BBL, Brazilian Butt Lift, patients exiting a flight from Santo Domingo to Atlanta surfaced onto their timelines yesterday evening.

The topic of transformative body surgeries has been hot for the past few years and the hype has yet to die down. There has been an influx of women headed to doctors outside the United State borders seeking cosmetic surgeries, specifically Brazilian Butt Lifts. Although the dangers of this extremely invasive procedure are continuously being voiced there doesn't seem to be an aversion to seeking them out. 

A Twitter user going by the username of "@MuvaofGotti" took to her timeline to post clips of herself and other patients exiting the plane. The sheer amount of patients needing wheelchair assistance was so overwhelming the airline did not have enough personnel to help push and move all of debilitated passengers from the plane to the terminal. Check out the video footage she shared via Twitter below.






Other users took to commenting on this situation. Take a look at what some had to say.





These possibly life threatening surgeries are still highly popularized by celebrities and coveted by the masses. Unfortunately we are also seeing an increase in women of a younger age range participating in the surgery craze.




One has to wonder if this obsession with perfection is healthy not only for the women seeking surgery but also for those who opt out. Are we moving to a space where normalcy will become abnormal? Will natural bodies become an oddity and will women find more of a need to succumb to surgery?

God made you in his image. If he wanted every woman to have a coke bottle shape that is how we would be born and that is how we would look. By all means, no one can dictate what someone else does with their own body and what make them happy. However, the manic popularity of this surgery does raise plenty of questions from onlookers.

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Written by Precious Onukwuli

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