71,000 Shirts Sold in Ten Days: God Is Dope Podcast (Episode 31)

June 25, 2021

Check out this recap of the Juneteenth sales. Approximately 71,000 Black is a Blessing tees sold, and total items sold grossing nearly 1.1 million in revenue within ten days.

"I started God is dope with 5,000 shirts and I was stressed on how to get them out like how are we gonna get rid of these shirts. And it was like a 6 month plan to get rid of 5,000 shirts." -Sharod


So far in 2021 God Is Dope has sold approximately 1.02 million items within the past 6 months.



What may have seemed impossible can quickly turn to reality with hard work, push, and perseverance. With those three things 5,000 sales can turn into 1.02 million. Video sponsored by Minty Merch located at the Clossette Shop in Atlanta. Head over to there website to shop online or the store front to pick up some dope eyewear and other merchandise.


Written by Precious Onukwuli

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