Faith Makes It Possible: We Should "Talk To God Often" According To Steve Harvey

July 19, 2021

Steve Harvey says "Faith doesn't make life easy, it makes life possible." in his 2019 spirited speech about trusting God. Harvey urges us to talk to God often. 

Harvey goes on in his speech to lament over a time where he was at his lowest and faced with homelessness. He states although he is no longer in that place it doesn't change the way in which he converses with God. With a net worth of approximately $200 million dollars it's safe to say Harvey is and his immediate lineage are set for life. However, he states that "Money don't make you happy. It helps you through a lot of situations." 

"You know the thing about money", he goes on to say. "Money takes all emergencies and turns them into mere inconveniences." Watch the full speech below.



Often times we forget to reach out to God and only find ourselves praying to him in times of strife. Harvey adamantly pushes for us to ask God for our hearts desire daily. "If you want happiness and success, you gotta ask God for it. Most people don't have the life of their dreams because you don't ask God. You have not cause you want not you ask not. If you up your ask, He will up his ask." he says.

How often to you talk to God? And what do you have to ask of God today? Comment down below.

Written by Precious Onukwuli

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