41 Year Old Kenyan Woman Leaves Husband to "Marry" the Holy Spirit

June 22, 2021

Yes... you read the title right. A 41 year old Kenyan woman, Elizabeth Nelam, reportedly left her husband and remarried the Holy Spirit.

The mother of 6 says she was moved into action after receiving the call to do so from God himself. She say

Her husband in question or should we say estranged husband, Joshua Nelam, claims since their recent visit to church his wife, "had been waking up at wee hours to pray. When I objected she moved to the neighbor's house."

He goes on to say, "I don’t know what is disturbing my wife. We are married and blessed with six children. I have fully paid her bride price. I paid  22 cows."

Clearly no real vows were exchanged, however the procession was led by Albert Rumaita, the lay secretary of the synod of the Kitale Diocese. The entire town came in droves to witness this rather bizarre ceremony. 



Elizabeth assured her husband and children that she would not be abandoning them and that she should be allowed to carry out God's will.

“This job doesn’t want restrictions. That’s  why I am asking my family to relax since I will be spreading the word and come back to them,” she said according to Kenyan news outlet The Star. Elizabeth isn't the first to claim her actions were in response to a decree from God. However, many are reasonably skeptical of this "union" to the Holy Spirit. 

We'll leave this story to the interpretation of our readers. What do you think of these "spirited" nuptials could they sanctified or are they the ravings of runaway wife? 

We would love to hear your thoughts, comment down below!

Written by Precious Onukwuli


The Star

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