God Shield Us: A New Second Wave of Corona Virus "Delta Variant" Set to Strike & Cases of Life Altering Reactions to Vaccinations Continue to Appear

July 22, 2021

As many businesses, schools, and states, for that matter, have opened back up it doesn't come as shock that covid rates have spiked back up. And although the idea of new dangerous variants was theorized prior too reopening we are now seeing real time the impending wave approaching. 

The variant, a SARS-CoV-2 mutation originally surfaced in India. The very first case was identified back in December 2020, soon after the strain spread swiftly and is now becoming the more dominant strain in both Great Britain and India according to Yale Medicine.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has called this version of the virus “the fastest and fittest.”. Yale Medicine expert epidemiologist, F. Perry Wilson, MD, has also stated “Delta will certainly accelerate the pandemic.”   

Various governmental officials as well as the Yale Medicine website state that people who have not been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 are most at risk. However, the masses on social media would beg to differ that we are all at risk regardless of our vaccination status. Various individuals across the nation have been reporting cases of contracting Covid 19 even after receiving two doses of vaccine. Check out some of the Twitter commentary of people across the nation that have questions concerning the accuracy of the rhetoric used to promote vaccination.









Another looming and devastating issue includes the numerous individuals who have had adverse effects to receiving the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Instagrammer @queencitydom took to her social media feed and story highlights to share her tragic post vaccine experience. Previously diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Dominique underwent receiving the Pfizer vaccine in order to protect her mother after deciding to move back closer to family in Charlotte. Unbeknownst to Dominique, nothing would be the same after her vaccination. According to her recent post below the, she is faced with varying symptoms that are subjecting her to various degrees of pain. 




According to Dominique, "Doctors have been pretty lost on what exactly is going on..running multiple tests, medical imaging and neurological exams coming back with no answers.." And she is not the only one who has been faced with a life altering reaction that doctors have yet to figure out how to prevent, combat, or cure.

In a time of so much speculation and misinformation it's essential that we the public citizens must not soley rely on media to provide us with information. We must research on our own best way we can as well as share our stories and experiences with the unknown to keep ourselves as individuals and our loved ones protected. Calamity is seemingly coming at us from all directions; both rom the new and previous Covid strains, as well as the increased negative reactions to vaccination. No one knows more than the creator, God, himself. In such a time of uncertainty and confusion remember the power of prayer and giving all of your worries and fears up to him.

We would love for our readers to leave a prayer down below for those who have been effected and the world at large, as well as what you think of everything that's going on around us today in lieu of Covid 19.

Written by Precious Onukwuli


Yale Medicine

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