Howard University Denounces Dean Phylicia Rashad's Statement of Support Following Bill Cosby's Release

July 01, 2021

Bill Cosby was released from prison Wednesday after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned his 2018 conviction for sexual assault & misconduct.

This dramatic reversal by the court comes as a shock to many as this case was one the first high-profile criminal trials of #MeToo movement. Close friends, associates, and supporters of Cosby took social media to celebrate his release. However, with just about 50 women across the nation having accused Cosby of sexual assault and misconduct, it's safe to say many on the side of the accusers were absolutely bemused by this announcement. 

One of Cosby's said supporters was former co-star on the famed Cosby Show, Phylicia Rashad, who quickly took to Instagram to post in support of his release. Her post read, "FINALLY!!!! A terrible wrong is being righted- a miscarriage of justice is corrected!"

She received an onslaught of commentary stating her comment was misplaced as the internet swooped in to leave their two sense   on her post.







"I fully support survivors of sexual assault coming forward," Rashad wrote in response to the criticism. “My post was in no way intended to be insensitive To their truth. Personally I know from friends and family that such abuse has residual effects. My heartfelt wish is for healing.”




Her comments should not come as a surprise to anyone as in 2015 when the allegation and news was first revealed, Rashad made a quite out of touch statement saying succinctly and plainly, “Forget these women”.


Rashad, who had recently been namedDean of the College of Fine Arts, has released a response to her statement on Bill Cosby: "Survivors of sexual assault will always be our priority."


Many of us know that when it comes to holding accused abusers accountable, it is difficult for those close to the accused to not side with them. And this situation is no exception.

We would love to know your thoughts on this topic! Comment down below if you agree with the courts decision in favor of Cosby and Rashad or are you on the side of his accusers and Howard University.


Written by Precious Onukwuli




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July 05, 2021


tiffany simmons
tiffany simmons

July 05, 2021

I definitely support Mr. Cosby and the statement by Lady Rashad. I don’t think her statement in support of Mr. Cosby was a Ill attack on the alledged abused. I too was raped and sexually assaulted so I know what it’s like and all that comes with it.. the quite storm you carry around with you..
The only somebody who knows the truth of what happened is Jehovah God and He has the final say whether on this side of Heaven or eternity!!

Just because it’s the masses does not make it truth or right!! THINK about it.. what if Mr. Cosby was the real victim and we later found with any technicality all were lies .. think about carefully.. what then?? As if we live in a society where such events has never happened where people have been falsely accused and convicted and some put to death over a lie.. Emmet Till was visiting relatives in Money, Mississippi, when he was accused of harassing a local white woman and was brutally beaten and killed and they disposed his body in a nearby river. This alleged crime never happen but because it was spoken/accused he was killed!

I unapologetically agree on the side of Truth, because it change not! I support Mr. Cosby & Lady Rashad and I pray for healing for all who have been sexually exploited and assaulted by the works of evil.

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