God Is Dope Live: Symone Royale

October 14, 2021

Houston native, Symone Royale, delivers an enchanting performance on the God Is Dope Live platform.

Check out the 27 year-old, Pop & Funk singer’s performance of “Baby It’s You” by JoJo & her original song titled “Circles”, accompanied by guitarist Sharod Virtuoso.


Would you interpret your skills as a gift from God or a learned talent?

Symone: I consider my skills both a gift from God and a learned talent. Just like anything you want to be good at, you have to be willing to put time into learning, practicing, and perfecting it. I’ve always believed my talents in music were a gift from God because of how effortlessly I fell in love with music. It has never felt like work when I’m spending long hours writing new music, rehearsing for a show, or working on a music video.


 How were you introduced into your love of music?

Symone: I was introduced to music at a young age in the church. My father was a music minister/pastor while I was growing up, so I was always around it. Once I started performing in church more frequently, I began performing at school talent shows, funerals/weddings, which led to big events around Houston. Growing up in a house that was constantly filled with different genres of music, I developed an appreciation for what all artists create, but my roots pulled me to the strong funk sounds of Parliament-Funkadelic, Prince, and Chaka Khan. In the future, I would love to work with Pharrell, Childish Gambino, and Doja Cat.

What emotions do you hope to invoke with your music?

Symone: I hope to invoke all emotions because I write from my own experiences, whether they are good or bad. I try to be as authentic as possible when it comes to my writing.

What is your creative process like?

Symone: My creative process switches up quite frequently because I don’t like to do the same things all of the time. I’m a person that gets bored quickly lol. Right now, the process has been freestyling over a beat in Logic, cut out melodies that I don’t like, and then begin forming the song.


What project(s) are you currently working on?

Symone: I’ll be releasing more live performance visuals from my last project, “Goin’ Deep” within the next couple of weeks. I’ve also started the writing process for a new project. I’m really excited for my supporters to hear/see my growth.

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Dianne Whitehurst
Dianne Whitehurst

November 18, 2021

These different sounds are all beautiful. They’re soothing and easy to listen to. I think that start in the church is the Lord’s way of showing you the way. God Bless all of you.

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