God Is Dope "Have A Blessed Day" Tee Released

August 25, 2021

Check out our latest featured drop our Blessed Day Tee.

The grey tee features a the message "Have A Blessed Day" in light blue lettering and the message "Even On My Worst Day... I Will Always Be Thankful For God". This tee serves as a great reminder that every day you're given on this earth is blessing and to remain thankful to God. It's also a great way to spread the message to all the people you come across. Check out our some image from our Blessed Day Shoot.



It's our hope this tee brings a certain joy to your ever day life. What do you guys think of our latest drop and will you guys be picking up this tee? Comment down below if you will and remember to... have a blessed day!



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2 Responses

cerita carter
cerita carter

September 28, 2021

Got it for my mom (Jo) and she loves it. She always says “have a blessed day.”

Debra Bynum
Debra Bynum

August 26, 2021

Yes I will

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