Dating While Religious: Navigating Through the Netflix & Chill Era and the Casual Dating Scene

June 24, 2021

In a culture that favors casual sex & relationships one might lose sight of hope in finding a partner. Creating a real bond centered around God and a positive fulfilling connection seems nearly impossible within today's modern dating culture.

Like many other women and men within the faith, I have found it quite difficult navigating the modern dating game, especially as a religious individual.

The ladies of the Youtube web series, Better Together TV, dive into this topic head first in their episode entitled "Christians Looking for Love" featuring Laurie Crouch, Bianca Olthoff, Dianna Nepstad, Heather Lindsey, and Nicole C. Mullen



Let's look at the quantitative data to get a better understanding of what is occurring in the Christian dating scene. Statistically speaking there is a large lack of male presence between the ages of 18-37 within the Christian church. The church is composed mostly of women with the collective being made up of approximately 62% women, according to Pastor, author, and speaker of The Fathers House in Orange County, Bianca Olthoff.

Bianca goes on to further speak to the way we as women may speak negatively onto men that may not have as strong as a relationship with God. Instead of speaking harshly of them she charges us with introducing them back towards the word of God and church.

Heather Lindsey, owner of Pinky Promise, states that some issue within modern dating may be due to fact that women have been trying to find and search for their partners. "Get busy and do the work God wants you to do." she states. Instead many of us aren't being led to to find our match but are simply hoping for the luck of the draw during our search and continuously striking out.

The group touches on the topic of online dating and the idea that although it may not be typical of finding a match made in heaven it sure worked for a few of them as their first dates from the platforms led to their current marriages. I for one, and don't believe I am the the only one, have not had such good luck.

Pastor Dianna Nepstad shared and impeccable and succinct ideology on what dating is now and what it should be. She states, "We can't eliminate the God factor within matchmaking and finding the person that you're suppose to meet up with and God is going to use you. Because there's a purpose to the match. If you're a makeup up artist and you're wanting to find that other significant person there's a purpose to the match. If you're an educator there's a purpose to the match, a college student there's a purpose to the match. It's not just for you so you can have sex unlimited then go on this hiatus of you being an instagram couple. "

The ladies of Better Together left us with quite a few golden nuggets of information and valuable insight. The question now is are you being led by God to begin your search for a partner or are you trying to fill a void? Comment your thoughts on the current dating climate as well as your experiences within it.

Written by Precious Onukwuli 


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