Breaking News: Sha'Carri Richardson Suspended From Competing in Tokyo 2021 Olympics After Positive Marijuana Test

July 05, 2021

News of Sha'Carri Richardson's suspension due to a positive marijuana test has social media in a frenzy. Many across the nation are outraged at the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency's decision to kill the recently deemed, fastest woman in the country's, 2021 Tokyo Olympic gold medal dreams.


The White House press secretary Jen Psak provided commentary from the central in a press briefing on Friday after being asked if President Joe Biden approved of the athlete's one month ban from the global competition.


“This was an independent decision made by the U. S. Anti-Doping Agency and not a decision that would be made by the U.S. government, as is appropriate, and we will certainly leave them the space and room to make their decisions about anti-doping policies that need to be implemented," Psaki states.


The debate at hand now pertains to the legality of marijuana in various states within the country and whether an athlete meant to represent the entire country should be penalized for its use. Both political figures and the public had something to say regarding this matter.


Various political representatives from opposing parties seemingly found a grounds to agree on when it comes to the matter of Sha'carri, her barring from competition, and the questioning of the powers that be on whether or not this decision is permissible.  



Republican official Matt Gaetz stated, "The press who love to bathe in the intersectionality of race-gender-sports should ask @JoeBiden if he believes Sha’carri Richardson should be barred from representing America for using a drug legal in most states that doesn’t impact performance. I sure as hell don’t. #unwoke46"



Democratic U.S Senator of New Jersey, Cory Booker, shared the same sentiments as his Republican counterpart. He took to Twitter to say, "Sha’Carri is an incredible athlete with a bright future. That her dreams are being crushed over a substance that should be legal across the country is devastating and wrong. Her heartfelt apology shows her strength even in the face of adversity."


The public, including a slew of celebrities also took to social media with their thoughts on this disheartening news. Some offered some lightheartedness to this devastating news and many shared sentiments of support. 







Those in favor of the ban however had a few words reprimanding the Olympic hopeful with hopes she has learned a valuable lesson regarding following all rules and regulations in place.






With all the commotion surrounding her fate Richardson simply shared one status with the public after the news of her ban tweeting, "I am human."



In the post trial victory speech, we were informed by Richardson that her biological mother had passed away the previous week. Many question whether the young athlete recent grief was a catalyst for her marijuana use.


Sha'Carri spoke with the Today Show in an exclusive interview earlier this morning to clarify her stance and address the public. See what she had to say in the video below.



Share your thoughts below. Is her suspension from participation in the monumental 2021 Tokyo Olympics fair or should her missing a once in a lifetime opportunity for using a legalized recreational substance too much? Would love to hear you opinions on this matter. Comment down below.


Written by Precious Onukwuli





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