Mother's Day Collection (Update)



Mother's Day Shirt Update! 90% of the orders have been shipped. The other 10% will ship Tuesday (May 9th) Morning! Please see message below!

As a brand of integrity we strive to be 100% honest with our customers no matter how big or small the issue.  This message is to notify our Mother's Day collection customers that we overprinted a previous God is Dope design and used a few shirts from that collection to reprint the free "Don't Nobody Love Me Like My Mama Love Me" shirt. (sustainable living)  A few of the shirts have a very faint, almost unnoticeable words on the undertone.  (It's only visible while the shirt is laying flat.  Once the shirt on being worn by a person, you can't see it.) Attempting to reprint this design would have caused significant delays in this shirt being delivered before the holiday.  We figured that it would be far more important for the shirt to arrive on time opposed to taking a chance to reprint and risking a delay in your order.  Please be advised that our customer service team will be on standby incase of any questions comments or concerns regarding this matter.  Thank you for your patience and understanding. 🙏🏾

Please view image below for an example of what we described above.