About The Artist:

Sarina Maria (born in Tunica, Missisippi 1994) was a young visual artist who studied art history and music theory at the University of Clark Atlanta. Throughout her early life she studied piano and music composition while pursuing her life-long interest in painting and drawing. After two years at Clark Atlanta, she dropped out to work as a creative director for God is Dope. Throughout her time at the company Sarina created a lot of art based around the God is Dope box logo that were never discovered until her untimely disappearance in 2017. The art was held in an undisclosed location for over six and a half years until her family decided to release them through a series of limited edition T-Shirts through God is Dope. The first collection Titled “Distracted by God” is a phrase used often by Sarina when she would go missing and disconnect from the world to focus on what she loved the most... art.

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"Distracted by God"

This Limited Edition Art Collection will only produce 10 of each size.  Each purchase comes with an (12x16) original print of the art, numbered with a stamp of authenticity.

Brought to you by MAoMA™ Mechanicsville Association of Modern Art.

This is a fictional story based on fictional characters.