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January 09, 2018 3 Comments

We kicked off 2018 with our first drop of the year, "Property of God". The collection takes inspiration from classic military color palettes and themes while remixing the styles to provide a modern twist. Missed out on these items? Make sure you follow us on Instagram @godisdope_ to be kept up to date with new product releases.

Which "Property of God" piece was your favorite? Comment Below.

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August 31, 2018

I’m glad I looked up meaning of your slogan. I hope/Pray the ones who wear it mean it in the same context – that they put God above all else? Because yo me it does seem ambiguous or can easily be misconstrued. But I am an ‘oldr’ person. 🤔 A former advertising/graphic designer actually. 😊
So I especially like the products that include ‘Property of God’.
Kudos to You if your motives are indeed ‘pure’. God Almighty knows our names. 😃
To Him be the Glory. Peace.

Donony Grant
Donony Grant

January 15, 2018

Being an ex military guy, the long sleeve tee shirt is crazy nice.


January 13, 2018

All of your line is DOPE!!Push you every chance i get…

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